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As hard as we might try, it’s easy to forget how much there is for which we can be grateful.  The air that we breathe, the water we drink, and the homes that we inhabitat, no matter how modest, are all blessings too easily taken for granted.

In The Heart Is Not A Size, Georgia, Riley and others from their group expand their horizons and their comfort zones while visting Juarez, Mexico.

The trip would focus on a colonia called Anapra, where the people by and large were good–working at jobs that paid some fifty dollars a week, struggling for food, struggling for water, struggling for survival in their sixty-square-foot house.

Say what?  Aren’t you almost compelled to read that sentence again?  Especially when for most of us living in a sixty-square-foot home is a choice that is available as opposed to the only option.

Sixty-square-foot home. On sale for $300,00.

Definitely something to think about.

Making Each Day Count in Juarez

Janet, a survivor of ovarian cancer, started blogging when she was undergoing treatment for her illness.  After her recovery, fans of her writing asked that she continue documenting her experiences.  The result is the blog, Making Each Day Count.  Recently Janet blogged about a warning the residents of El Paso received from their mayor about the dangers of visiting El Paso’s “sister city”, Juarez, but she didn’t let it stop her from volunteering at the Santo Niño Project for children with special needs in Anapra (on the west side of Juarez).

The families of our children come from other parts of Juarez in addition to Anapra.  We have a van that picks up some of them and we drive to get others closer to the clinic.  It’s difficult to push wheelchairs or carry children up the sandy roads.  We had an ordinary day: Tai Chi, massage, Reiki, baths in the jacuzzi, games, lunch, crafts, haircuts.  Before lunch one of the mothers led us in prayer.  She thanked God for the clinic and for our benefactors.  She thanked God for the blessing of children with special needs who teach us so much about love.  She prayed for an end to the violence and for protection for everyone. Amen.

Check out Janet’s post entitled Juarez to read about the rest of her day at The Santo Niño Project.