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As hard as we might try, it’s easy to forget how much there is for which we can be grateful.  The air that we breathe, the water we drink, and the homes that we inhabitat, no matter how modest, are all blessings too easily taken for granted.

In The Heart Is Not A Size, Georgia, Riley and others from their group expand their horizons and their comfort zones while visting Juarez, Mexico.

The trip would focus on a colonia called Anapra, where the people by and large were good–working at jobs that paid some fifty dollars a week, struggling for food, struggling for water, struggling for survival in their sixty-square-foot house.

Say what?  Aren’t you almost compelled to read that sentence again?  Especially when for most of us living in a sixty-square-foot home is a choice that is available as opposed to the only option.

Sixty-square-foot home. On sale for $300,00.

Definitely something to think about.