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Kephart’s writing sings a quiet, contemplative song, a song vividly conscious of the world around it.


Beth Kephart has once again created a novel that moves you.

Bookworming in the 21st Century.

I regretted closing the book because it meant that I had to leave the world that Kephart created.

Read What You Know

The Heart is Not a Size is a book that will make you want to go out in the world and do something that matters. It will take you into a community that you likely will never visit, and it will make you think about how much you have and what you really need. No surprise that the writer behind this inspiring and thought-provoking novel is Beth Kephart.

Shelf Elf:  Read, Write, Rave

The Heart is Not a Size is, by far, Beth Kephart’s best YA novel yet. It’s an incredibly lovely story about finding out who you really are. The plot was terrific and moved at a good pace, and the writing was stellar- beautiful and poetic, yet simple and heartfelt.

Book Crumbs

Like all of Beth Kephart’s books, The Heart Is Not a Size is a must-read for teens and for anyone working with teens.  Kephart isn’t afraid to tackle the big issues like parental pressure, anorexia, and death, and she does it all with compassion, honesty, and beautiful writing.

Em’s Bookshelf

The Heart Is Not a Size is a very confronting novel and, I think, will effect everyone differently. There are so many different stories, problems and secrets that there is sure to be something for everyone to relate to.  For me, it was the trip to Juarez, I having just come back from a month in rural Philippines and have experienced the hope of children in third world countries. Others will relate to Georgia, the girl with her heart in the right place but who still lacks courageous, or maybe Riley, who has yet to realise her full potential.

Misty’s Book Mess

The Heart is Not a Size is, by far, Beth Kephart’s best YA novel yet. It’s an incredibly lovely story about finding out who you really are. The plot was terrific and moved at a good pace, and the writing was stellar — beautiful and poetic, yet simple and heartfelt.

Guest Review from Priya – readergirlz

This one particularly touches me personally as I, myself, struggle with an eating disorder and unfortunately, this disease is becoming more and more prevalent in young adults (mainly female, although guys are certainly not immune). So, of course, as soon as I saw the title and cover of this one – I was hooked. Thankfully, it was totally easy to be hooked as author Kephart has written a gut wrenching, deep story about the friendship between two very different girls Georgia and Riley – who end up traveling to Juarez, Mexico.


What a little gem! Author Beth Kephart is talented at really creating a picture for her reader, both of setting and characters, and evoking emotions into every sentence in her books.

A Patchwork of Books

Kephart’s writing is deceptively simple. She writes beautifully, and action occurs in between words and sentences as well as in them. Kephart’s writing will enchant readers of all ages.


Themes of friendship, service, and transformation are skillfully woven into Kephart’s novel. More focused and memorable are Georgia’s descriptions of characters (“I was looking at Drake and seeing moons in his eyes, and seeing the ruin in the moons in those eyes…”) and observations (“Do the right thing, you risk ruin. Choose responsibility, and don’t think that makes you someone’s hero”), which make for lovely, poetic reading.

Publishers Weekly

The Heart is Not a Size will encourage teens to open their hearts (no matter their size) and give back to the Earth and its residents.

Book Page

Beth’s writing is so lyrical, I imagine she carefully considers each and every word in her books.   This is the third one of her books that I’ve read and I’ve found myself lost in each one of them.  This is a book that can be enjoyed by teen-agers and adults and I recommend it to both.


Finding out about Beth Kephart’s books has been a wonderful surprise for me. There has been a stereotype about Young Adult being nothing more than vampire lore and Gossip Girl fluff that doesn’t do anything for teens who read the genre. However, Kephart’s books break that stereotype as they encourage thinking and leave the reader pondering over what they read long after they have finished the book.

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For here is a writer whose novels read like poetry, who uses words like pixels to create stunning photographs in the mind, who builds her characters from pieces of her own heart and lovingly offers them to the reader. The Heart is Not a Size is just such a book, and one in which Beth offers us another in her series of strong, seeking young women trying to understand their place in the world and the workings of their hearts